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Embracing her inner Phoenix, she meticulously collected the fragments scattered around, discovering the resilience that intricately wove them together. Despite bearing scars and wear, she ascends to new heights, soaring gracefully once more. This site is a tribute to everyone, a celebration of the Phoenix within each of you.

October 2023
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The Champ's Pantry

Introducing The Champ's Pantry

I realize you are just like me. You love your little champ and the Champ loves you. It's a bond that is almost indescribable! 

You can show your little champ just how much they mean to you with grourmet treat's from The Champ's Pantry. 

Our treats are made from the best ingrediants. Made right here in our kitchens we offer tested wholesome combinations your little one is going to love. 

Our treats come in three sizes, small, medium, and large. A portion of our revenue is given back to shelter animals. We offer monthly sales and even affiliates programs. 

So what are you waiting for? Get your champ some homebaked treats from our pantry today. 

Lady the Hawk

"You were born to soar."

Welcome to the extraordinary tale of Emily Hawk, a beacon of resilience and creativity that to this day continues to defy the odds. In the embrace of her Native American heritage, Emily's life unfolds like the vibrant plumage of the Phoenix. Born into a world touched by both tragedy and triumph, Emily's journey is a testament to the indomitable spirit within us all.

I invite you to join me into the pages ahead. There you will discover a narrative woven with the threads of courage, determination, and the transformative power of art. From the depths of childhood isolation due to SCID to the pinnacle of academic success in college, Emily's story is an inspiring testament to the strength within us that arises from adversity.

Step beyond the mere words with your vision you here consume; immerse yourself into the celebration of the indomitable human spirit—a canvas adorned with hues that radiate from conquering challenges, artistic expression, and unwavering resilience. The question lingers, inviting you to shape the narrative: Will you choose to join me now on this exploration of Emily's extraordinary life? Are you open to unlocking your own wellspring of inspiration as her journey unfolds before you? Picture the Phoenix within, responding to your decision here and now to rise. For it's not merely Emily's story which is to be told; it's an invitation to cocreate a shared tapestry of triumph and creativity, a journey awaiting your affirmative choice to unfold.

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Eclectic ~ E-clek-tick

Eclectic. Don't you just love the sound it makes as it rides the windy waves, leaving your face? E-clek-tick. Say it fast. Say it slow. No matter how you say it, it to me means: "freedom". 

Freedom? But from what? You are wondering too, aren't you? Well, let me explain. 

As a woman in this American society there are a mountain of rules. Oh, I understand that all people, men and women are bound by these societal restraints, but no one does social quite like women. Everything, and I mean everything, is riding on how well we perform when it comes to our turn to be inspected. 

I'm sure the woman reading this are nodding their head's already getting my point. Let me dive a bit further into this "secret of society" for those still not quite catching my drift. 

Picture this: it's a beautiful spring Sunday, church is ending, everyone is all smiles as they shake hands and smile at the babies as everyone pours out through the doors of the sanctuary. It was to be true one of Pastor's best sermons yet! You're on cloud nine, as they say when you're shaken back to earth by a shrill voice. Ms. Barbera Ann. 

"Oh, sister Barbera, don't you look lovely today." 

"Thank you, thank Mrs. Woods, Mrs. Woods! I was just speaking with Pastor, and we have a situation! It seems that I will not be able to host the afternoon lunch at my place, my dog is ill, but I suggested that you wouldn't mind. You don't mind, do you dear? I will of course, make it up to you." 

Suddenly you feel the heat from all the eyes gazing upon you, and here on center stage you can't possibly give but one answer. "Of course, I don't mind. Come on over everyone." 

Quicker than a slinder dog chasing a rabbit on a dirt track you dash your way home.  Let me ask you, if it were you this week, unexpected host, would you be delighted or doomed? Shhh. I won't tell anyone. Your secret is safe with me. 

There are three types of homemakers, the ones who have it all together, the ones who don't, and the ones sort of in the middle who choose a very neat decorating style described as "eclectic". See? If you're of the eclectic variety no one expects your stuff to match. Things don't have to look like they are placed in a museum. Just as long as somehow, somewhere, there is a story, feeling, memory, tied to belongs. And you're practically a genius for having it there. Wherever there is. 

Eclectic releases the binding requirements of being a perfect decorator. Poof! The chains are off....and you are free to decorate however your little heart desires. 

Welcome to my portfolio-journal-blog-website. Here everything is carefully chosen based on a feeling, a story, a memory, or just because it sparkles or is neon. I really like sparkles and neon. And tree frogs. Such cute little sucker toes! I welcome you to pull up a chair, here's a cup of tea. Sit down for a bit and let just visit. Take a look around, if you like. As you can tell my decorating style is Eclectic in nature. 

I hope you enjoy your visit and why yes, I am always open to feedback from those willing to share. I'm sure glad you're here.