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Changing A Life

"Bake me a cake? @@@@@ OFF!

And yes while my feet do hurt, no I don’t want your socks. I seek shelter. Just a chicken shack will do. My Nikki and I, I promise, we won’t take up much room.

They say that 24% of us are out here walking amongst you every day.

And of that 24% only less than 5% will ever make it back on some grand rebound but only if that rebound comes from intervention within the first 12 months of homeless…otherwise we become part of a whole new class of humanity….the “Chronically Homeless.”

Hi, my name is Em…..and I used to have a life."

I am writing these words partly because I have nothing else to do. You see? I’ve already made my decision years and years ago and I am doing nothing more here than passing the time. Or perhaps delaying the inevitable. I don’t know. But either way I just feel like talking before the time comes. You don’t mind lending me an ear, do you? It’s greatly appreciated."

Changing a Life

My first impressions of Emily could be described as intriguing. She's one of those people who has a spirit which draws you in. You know the type. You've experienced the same, I'm sure of it. She had a story and I just had to know more. 

I find that when in her presence time escapes me. Hours pass by feeling like only moments. There is something so brightly shining with her. One only has look towards her instead of looking away. 

If you are seeking love it is here, in her. She's offers it to everyone and awaits the chances to give it away. What she needs is someone to give her a chance. 

It is my prayer that this journal be the path that brings that chance to her and Changes A Life. 

I recently had the chance to catch up with our friend Emily and she informed me that in recent days unfortunate luck had struck her again with the challenges of vehicle issues. She depends on her vehicle so much in her current circumstances and I know this latest news is completely devastating for her. I urge you to help and you can help by clicking the button above. 

It's actually a brave thing here that she's doing. Private thoughts opened up and were put on display for all in the world to see. It's sort of like giving a speech naked, don't you think? 


Why I'm writing this blog

These pages are being constructed as a way of sharing with you, the reader, my experiences in getting to know my friend Emily. Every now and then God brings some special folks in our lives to change us. I believe she is one of those people, Angels on the Ground. 

I hope you enjoy your time here and truly enjoy getting to know her. I know there is something about her spirit that is meant to bless others. Here it is, come on ahead and grab your blessing within. 

About The Artist

It is a well-known fact that hurricanes leave a path of destruction in their wake but in the days following Hurricane Laura no one could have predicted how life was going to change for Christine. As she and her daughter and two grandchildren were working to get back to normal life her entire existence changed in one moment as she opened the closet door. Such a simple thing, an act she had performed countless times before, this time would forever become etched in her memory. 

The emptiness was haunting. She felt as if she might faint and as the blood rushed through her brain she steadied herself instinctively against the wall. All his things were gone. 

As smoke began to overcome the small island home the choking scent of the burning dinner began to bring her back from paralysis. The days & months following are a blur in her mind. She was completely in survival mode. 

During the next 3 years after losing her home, her grandchildren, and being homeless she found the solitude in creating art. The feelings inside her felt as if they were under incredible pressure and her insides were painfully about to explode. 

In the beginning she was determined that she could work harder, more hours, second & third jobs, and she would be able to rebuild a life.... rebuild a home for her daughter and the children but as time wore on, she wore out and reality of her new life set in. She was and would remain part of the local homeless community in the rural community of Texas where she'd gone seeking help from family but found she was forever shunned. 

Today Christine still believes that one day she will be able to hug the children again. Her dreams are filled with scenes of seeing her daughter once again holding her children. She spends her days releasing the Trama-filled emotions by putting colors together in ways that somehow make sense from disorder. The drive to calm the chaos within her soul is the means by which Christine has found a way to survive. 

Christine still lives out of her vehicle and she and her small service dog, Nikki have no home of their own. She is looking forward to graduating from online studies and is learning UX Design. When asked if she is still looking for a house to rent or purchase, she said she is not. She has come to accept this nomadic lifestyle which was forced upon her and she hopes to become able to travel fulltime, she says, while she's young enough to be able to. Christine is a survivor of Ovarian Cancer and knows that at any moment, once again her life might change at any moment.